I quibble with this post on the gun-controllers’ failure.

It is such a small quibble, to be sure: but this is the Internet.  Small quibbles are our lifeblood.

After all, we are talking about people who spend most of their time floating about in the liberal bubble world of the DC beltway and the rest of their time talking with constituents who believe “The Day After Tomorrow” was a documentary and that Paul Krugman is the cobra emperor of intellectuals (i.e. grown in a lab from the DNA of famous, but long dead liberal thinkers).

While I … grant … that Serpentor has sometimes been styled the ‘Cobra Emperor,’ it’s a little more complicated than that.  As only comic books / animated television can make it.  But again, that’s a small quibble.  Goodness knows that Krugman has the arrogance down pat:

One thought on “I quibble with this post on the gun-controllers’ failure.”

  1. I hated Serpentor. Even more so than Cobra Commander. Serpentor made Cobra Commander look sane. Maybe that is why I hate Paul Krugman so much.

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