California Senate President threatens Microsoft.

…And unlike Ed Morrissey, I’m not that sympathetic.  Because do you know what the problem is with pursuing a “throw other people to the crocodile strategy?”  It’s that the endgame’s pretty predictable.

Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg is not backing down from a request for information about Microsoft’s dealings with California, a gesture that many interpreted as a warning to prospective Sacramento Kings buyer and Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer.

After reports emerged that Ballmer was one of the investors seeking to purchase the Kings and relocate them to Seattle, Steinberg sent a letter to the Department of General Services asking for data about California’s contracts with Microsoft and the monetary value of the state’s past purchases from the technology giant.

Fifteen years ago Steinberg would have simply complained a bit that a sports team was moving out, but not too strongly; after all, there were plenty of sports teams that wanted to go to California.  Then again, fifteen years there were more people to throw to the crocodile.

Moe Lane