Worthless Obama Job Council at risk from equally worthless second-term agenda.

Hey, remember Obama’s Job Council?


Well, don’t feel bad; neither does anybody else. It’s uncertain whether said Council will be reauthorized when its charter runs out… what? No, not largely because it almost never meets and doesn’t really do anything when it does meet except make some executive order suggestions that had precisely zero effect on the unemployment rate. No, the Council is probably most at risk because Barack Obama doesn’t actually really think that job creation should be a priority anyway:

Among the council’s recommendations were to reduce government regulations. But in his second term, Obama is expected to pursue a slew of mandates via regulations, most notably on climate change.

The council’s winding-down could be seen as emblematic of a shift in emphasis by the administration. While Obama fought his reelection campaign primarily on “kitchen table” issues and a promise to strengthen the middle class, he has turned increasingly toward traditional progressive goals such as gun control, environmental protection and immigration reform in recent weeks.

The Hill article above attempts, in its way, to give the President the best benefit of the doubt that it can, but it’s an uphill battle this time.  There is a limit to how often the Administration can ‘pivot to jobs’ before it all gets absurd, and we’ve hit this point. On the bright side; it’s not like anybody who was paying attention will be surprised to hear that, yet again, this administration would rather be doing anything else than work on the economy.  Which is arguably smart of them: after all, they’re clearly incompetent when it comes to creating non-bureaucratic jobs.


Moe Lane

5 thoughts on “Worthless Obama Job Council at risk from equally worthless second-term agenda.”

  1. Obama no longer has to appear to care anymore. He just wants to push as much regulation onto businesses as possible, to hell with jobs.

  2. People voted for big government with chronic high unemployment, and that is what they are going to get

  3. Just drop everything after the first two words in the title, and it all makes perfect sense.

  4. I’m sure glad those impartial presidential debate moderators pounded Barack Obama on this issue! Remember that?

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