DARTH MOUSE DECREES: No more 3-D Star Wars for you!

You are not worthy of such a boon!

…You know: between this, JJ Abrams being tapped for directing the new trilogy, and Disney bringing in Lawrence Kasdan and Michael Arndt to do the writing… all f*cking hail selling out to the Mouse.  Lucas should have took the money and run YEARS ago.

Via AoSHQ.

4 thoughts on “DARTH MOUSE DECREES: No more 3-D Star Wars for you!”

  1. It’s not a Star Wars thing; the last few 3D re-releases have done very poorly; they’ve been cancelling the entire 3D re-release schedule.

  2. Saw Ep I in 3D, still sucked. 3D done right the 1st time with the right story is good. 3D cannot save a bad movie nor does it improve the visuals of a movie done in 2D. I didn’t think it added much of anything to Ep I visually or make the movie going experience better.
    On the other hand, if Disney wanted to go back and redo I-III and I would approve. There is a good story about how and why Anakin succumbed to the dark side, but Lucas botched it completely. The only option would be to ignore that those happened and like so many other studios, just reboot that part of the series.

    1. Imagine them redone with competent writers, no idiotic contemporary political snark, and informed by a sense of history.

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