7 thoughts on “QotD, …I Got Nothing, Sorry edition.”

  1. Det. Kate Beckett: Now that, Castle, is a clean wound.
    Richard Castle: I have to agree. That’s the best-looking murder I think you’ll ever see.


  2. Ford was humming something. It was just one note repeated at intervals. He was hoping that somebody would ask him what he was humming, but nobody did. If anybody had asked him he would have said he was humming the first line of a Noel Coward song called “Mad About the Boy” over and over again. It would then have been pointed out to him that he was only singing one note, to which he would have replied that for reasons which he hoped would be apparent, he was omitting the “about the boy” bit. He was annoyed that nobody asked.

    1. Come On, this is Obama’s America. You don’t need to know HOW this is Bush’s fault, just be secure in the knowledge that it is.

    1. No matter how far they lower the bar, they will still manage to walk under it. Setting a consistently low standard, and consistently failing to meet it.

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