The obligatory Pulled Taco Bell Veggie-Hating Super Bowl ad.

Well, I’m kind of torn, here.

On the one hand, it’s a little silly to get bent out of shape because your taste in snack food is being casually mocked in a fifteen second commercial. On the one hand, the commercial is not actually correct: people eat veggie platters at parties and get-togethers all the time, especially when it’s offered in contrast to sugar-based snacks. People don’t mind as long as there’s onion dip. And on the gripping hand: people will probably hate you a little if you bring Taco Bell. If you’re going to go grease, bring some wings.

4 thoughts on “The obligatory Pulled Taco Bell Veggie-Hating Super Bowl ad.”

  1. Well I don’t like Taco Bell and the ad made me hungry so maybe they should have run it.

    Yes I force myself to switch to carrots at most parties after a while. I also like those little pickles. No cherry tomatoes please, only the grape tomatoes.

  2. Onion dip? Bite your tongue. Ranch all the way. At least if you’re not going to deep fry the veggies properly and provide cream gravy. But just to be polite for the meatatarians, you should probably put out strips of bacon or something as well.

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