Chuck Hagel nomination hearings going on right now.

He’s going to have a bumpy ride, based on testimony so far.  Alas – and this concession will undoubtedly please the antiwar movement, which has been breathing hard about this nomination from Day One – at the end of the day we only have 45 seats in the Senate, and the Democrats have enough problems right now without making life difficult for Barry Obama.  The Republicans are going to give him a good kicking, but unless 2014 Red State Democrats decide that they don’t dare risk it we’re probably going to see Hagel nominated.

Sorry, guys.  There’s a limit to how much I can do without a working Senate majority.

2 thoughts on “Chuck Hagel nomination hearings going on right now.”

  1. I have a hard time getting worked up over Hagel as no matter who is appointed, it’s still Obama at the top of the pyramid directing policy.

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