Energy Secretary Steven Chu’s resignation letter. …Thank *God*.

It’s official.  AND LET US NEVER PUT A SCIENTIST IN THAT PARTICULAR CABINET POSITION, EVER AGAIN.  I don’t actually want to criticize the administration too strongly on this one: on paper, it seemed like a smart idea.  In reality, we got Solyndra:

Nothing personal against Chu, but smart in one field does not equal being smart in all of them.


  • acat says:

    Good. Riddance.
    Now, if we can just get Obama to appoint Sen. Granholm to fill Chu’s shoes…

  • jbird says:

    can we just shut down the department all together?

  • Cameron says:

    Nothing personal? I got plenty of personal to direct at him. We’re talking about the man who thought it would be ideal for us to have Europe’s gas prices and justified light bulb bans. He should be escorted out of his office by the encouragement of a mob with tar and feathers.
    That being said, good riddance to the POS. Sadly, we can expect more of the same with his replacement.

  • sicsemperstolidissimum says:

    It isn’t just that he was a scientist, without enough of a track record in management.
    It may say something about Chu that Obama picked him.
    The official stated positions on energy are something that Chu, as a scientist in his position, is responsible for. He is effectively a coauthor of much of what was said, and as I far as I am concerned, his professional reputation and credibility will see the consequences of that. (Unlike Obama he doesn’t have the excuse that maybe he majored in theater, may never have been trained in math and thermodynamics, and is plausibly innumerate and scientifically illiterate.)
    I am not surprised to see that Chu was almost purely trained as a physicist. Whatever else he has done, I do not have the fullest degree of confidence in his ability to apply thermodynamics to real world problems with an effect on human welfare.
    This is a core area of Obama’s incompetence. Where he finds subordinates in this area willing to work for him, one should expect also to find the same. (Or extremely poor character, which in engineering tends to come out to the same thing in the end.)

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