Salomon Melgen (Bob Menendez crony) has an apparently questionable past.

This is, um, going to be an interesting week.

The resume of Dr. Salomon Melgen, a Florida-based ophthalmologist and controversial Democratic donor, boasts medical education and experience at Harvard University, Yale University, and the University of Missouri.

But none of those schools says it can find any record of Melgen, who claims to be a Harvard alumnus, the former chief resident of the University of Missouri’s ophthalmology department, and a former Yale intern.

Not be cute, here… well, yes, I am trying to be cute here, but it’s still a valid question: did Senator Bob Menendez REALLY accept plane rides from a foreign-born campaign donor without discreetly doing a basic background check first?  I mean: Menendez is on the freaking Foreign Affairs committee. He’s taking free rides from a guy.  Simple caution might have suggested that the Senator at least make sure that he wasn’t being set up for some kind of scam.

And while I’m still trying to be cute while still asking legitimate questions, here’s another one: doesn’t any of this worry Democrats?  At least a little, and in relation to the very, very powerful Senate committee that Menendez is scheduled to take over? – Particularly since Menendez is also credibly being linked to a multimillion dollar contract dispute that Melgen is having with the Dominican Republic.  Surely at least that should be setting off warning bells in Democratic heads…


  • earlgrey says:

    I don’t think they care. Look at all dems have gotten away with. Why should they care?

  • Skip says:

    Seems like a perfect match if Obama needs a new HHS director…

    • acat says:

      I thought the Obamanauts were supposed to have lied about their taxes, not their degrees…
      Never mind, he lied about both. Appoint away!

  • acat says:

    Depends, Moe, on *which* Democrats.
    The Obamaphiles had the warning bells disconnected between 2006 and 2007 as they were interfering with the worshiping The Won.
    The Dems in Congress don’t really, you know, *care* about ethics, unless there’s, you know, *opportunity*…
    All that said, the two people most pleased by this little reveal are Laughtenberg and Booker.

  • Catseyes says:

    You are of course assuming the Dems Have Warning bells. I can assure you they don’t. I was a Dem for a long time I’ve seen to many of them blow up or self destruct, I know better, there are no alarms they have to alert or acknowledge. It just goes boom with no warning as far as they’re concerned.

  • Darin_H says:

    Actually, I’m pretty sure he did the background check… and thus he didn’t have to be all that delicate when he brought up “I like them young and fresh!” during their first meeting. Did they high 5 each other right then?

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