Jerry Brown gets smacked by Rick Perry over California’s business climate, and reacts… poorly.

(Via Hot Air Headlines) I can’t believe that Jerry Brown led with his chin with this one:

Gov. Jerry Brown publicly scoffed at Gov. Rick Perry’s attempt to draw Californians to Texas for better business, saying that the ad campaign is “barely a fart.”


Brown told reporters that if Perry wanted to be taken seriously, he would have to spend at least $25 million on radio and television ads. The ad paid for by TexasOne was a mere $24,000, which, Brown mockingly called “the smallest entry into the media market of California.”

(Audio of the ad here; text here)

…And, yet it was enough of an ad buy to get the Governor of California to respond  – and by ‘respond’ I mean ‘sound like a spluttering eight year old in public.’  Not to mention make sure that the ad got talked about all over the state, instead of just in the six stations that it originally aired in.  And, given that the message – which was a very simple Fly, all y’all damfools – came through loud and clear over Radio Station Moonbeam, I have to ask: what was Brown’s goal, here*?  …Because I never would have heard about any of this if the Governor of California hadn’t bawled like a stuck calf.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch… are you a Californian small business owner who has taken advantage, in the last four years, of a tax break for businesses that kept most of their operations in-state?  Well, guess what!  The courts decided that said tax break was unconstitutional. So pay up:

About 2,000 small business owners and investors in the Golden State who lawfully took a tax break that was later struck down have the taxman knocking at their doors. Following a state appeals court decision invalidating a 20-year-old state tax, the Los Angeles Times reports, California tax collectors are trying to get $120 million from people who profited by selling stakes in small businesses.

Fly, all y’all damfools.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: As always… if you’re fleeing a blue state for red because that’s where the jobs are, do your new neighbors a favor: REMEMBER WHY YOU LEFT.  Texas Democratic party, I am looking at you.

*I have had it suggested to me that Brown may simply be professionally upset at the way that Rick Perry refused to waste Texas taxpayer money on this.  I say ‘waste’ because I’m reasonably certain that Texas voters, if asked, would have cheerfully signed off on spending twenty-four grand to make the Governor of California sound even more like a loon than usual…

10 thoughts on “Jerry Brown gets smacked by Rick Perry over California’s business climate, and reacts… poorly.”

  1. I’d leave for Texas right now but MD taxes and cost of living has me so broke I can’t afford to pickup my stuff and get out. Maybe like Lot fleeing Sodom, I should just up and run out the front door with as much family as I can gather. Leave everything else behind and not look back.
    I’m actually trying to save the money to move to Colorado in a few years, but I hear the expats from California are already ruining the place.

  2. Jerry, when something is so petty as to be beneath your notice, try not to bring attention to it by noticing it.

  3. If it wasn’t for a lousy brain-fart during an agonizing debate season……
    The real challenge is containing the contamination, we lost CO and NV to expats from CA

    1. Culture matters, Spegen.
      Texas has .. a rather virulent culture.
      I think they’ll hold out better than, say, Colorado who .. really didn’t seem to have a “native” culture.
      p.s. Sure, there were lots of skiers in the mountains, and some Mormons in the southern desert, and farmers and ranchers in the east.. but .. that’s not a *culture*. Even the most liberal liberal in Dallas knows he’s a *Texan* first.

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