…It looks like a remarkably dry period for movies in the next few months.

I’m a little surprised, actually. I know, Pacific Rim has promise, but that’s not until July – and Star Trek: Into Darkness isn’t until May. Not much else reaching out and grabbing me, honestly.

What are folks looking forward to?


  • tnfriendofcoal101368 says:

    Iron Man 3,Star Trek Into Darkness, and Fast & Furious 6 all in May. I’ll spend the next few months watching the chick flicks like Safe Haven to build up my Sweetheart Wife’s good will for the Iron Man, Star Trek,Fast 6, Pacific Rim run.

  • HeartbreakRidge says:

    A Good Day to Die Hard is about it until Star Trek, Iron Man, Monsters University and Kick Ass 2 hit.

  • Kenneth Hite says:

    Looks like Room 237 is getting a regular release at the end of March. Terrific, terrific film about people reading way too much into The Shining.

  • jbird says:

    Traditionally Jan-Feb-March is where Hollywood dumps the bodies of the work it’s least proud of, but still needs to make a buck off of.

  • Spegen says:

    Star Trek, Die Hard, RED2

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