Just finished Dragonborn for Skyrim…

…well, the main quest, at least. Anyway: well worth the twenty bucks. Interesting main quest and good visuals; I got stretched a little even though I was running a 77th level character. Also: if you’ve been having trouble finding specific copies of books for your library collection, this add-on will take care of that.

Hoo, boy: yes, it will.

4 thoughts on “Just finished Dragonborn for Skyrim…”

  1. I did not know that. Now I have to grind even more than I’d been planning on. Before the DLC, I had 100% achievements. I’m honorbound to get that back. (Which means reaching 70-some and beating a Legendary dragon.)
    That said, if you want some tough fights in Dragonborn…
    Find Karstaag’s skull, and put it on his throne in the ruins of his castle. His ghost appears, and it’s a nasty fight. (Then you can summon the ghost as a power. Which only works three times.)
    The Deathbrand quest also has a tough fight, but this is wave after wave, instead of a dominating opponent.

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