OK, I admit it.

I LOL’ed.

Well, not literally. But that’s legitimately funny. Not least because we had the usual ZOMG EVIL SKY WATER SAVE THE CHILDREN HIDE THEM FROM THE WRATH OF THE CLOUD GODS that hits Maryland’s state government every time it rains between December and March. Swear to God, if there’s ever a real emergency in this state Martin O’Malley’s head will probably explode a la Scanners.

2 thoughts on “OK, I admit it.”

  1. We only got 6 inches, nothing to see here, move along! Of course we’re used to it. Only one minor power outage no biggie. Had to reset the clocks tho.

  2. And it’ll be about 70 here in Austin today, up to almost 80 tomorrow. We might get a touch of rain though, so it isn’t perfect.

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