QotD, In Obama’s Shoes I Wouldn’t Pander To The Washington Post Either edition.

Ed Morrissey is quite succinct when he answers the Washington Post’s plaintive complaint on the way that Barack Obama kicks around print newspapers:

Simply put, Obama isn’t going to change his media strategy as long as it works and he doesn’t pay a price for it.  Why should he?

The answer to Ed’s question is, by the way, Barack Obama shouldn’t.  Oh, sure, from the point of view of fairness and openness and responsibility the President should be showing some character, here – but he doesn’t have to, and if you assess the situation in terms of mere power then Barack Obama shouldn’t indulge the weak.  Particularly the Washington Post, which has deliberately made itself weak in the first place.  I know that this is a harsh attitude to take, but as I have (often) noted before: you can’t make me respect you if you won’t even respect yourself.


  • Finrod says:

    Obama is already getting the best coverage (and cover-ups) that the WaPo can give him, why should he do anything different? Is the WaPo suddenly going to start being sympathetic to Republicans and conservatives as a result? Not bloody likely.

  • Spegen says:

    The prostitute is complaining her john doesn’t respect her? What a shame

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