I have to wonder: how many of my colleagues *want* to see a SotU meltdown?

And I’m defining ‘colleagues’ to include ‘the rough equivalents to me on the opposite side*;’ I think that few of us really want to watch the speech, but we all feel that we sort of have to. Because… civics, I guess. But, seriously: there’s something kind of broken about the fact that the most interesting thing that’s happened at a SotU in the last decade was Joe Wilson (accurately, by the way) calling Barack Obama a liar.

Bored now.

Moe Lane

*Which don’t really exist; everybody on the Left-sphere who plays at RedState.com’s level is more or less told what to write, and everybody who has my level of independence is lucky if they get MoeLane.com’s amount of traffic. It’d be tragic, except that I don’t actually give a flying [expletive deleted].