I’ll be honest: I read stuff like this…

…”this” being, well, this litany of doom and worry: and I ask myself, Jeez.  We are so totally not going to be prepared for the consequences when we end up winning the Presidential election in 2016.


What?  I’ve been doing this sort of thing since before the 2002 midterms; and back in that cycle the Democrats were just as smugly certain as they are today that they were Destiny’s Children.  And as I recall, Election Night ended with James Carville putting a garbage can on his head to hide his shame.  Look, I’m not going to pretend that I’m always right, or anything – but if the Democratic party was REALLY as in tune with both objective reality and the will of the electorate as it likes to pretend it is then we wouldn’t have spent the last couple cycles ripping state governments out of its hands.  And, collectively: neither party is as Machiavellian and darkly brilliant as their detractors like to think that they are.

But far be it from me to interfere with somebody’s Moment of Emo… is emo still a thing?  I got kids now, so I don’t keep up with pop culture as much as I quickly vet it before I let any of it into the house.

Moe Lane

11 thoughts on “I’ll be honest: I read stuff like this…”

  1. It “feels” like Obama gets everything he wants. So when they talk about retaking the house in 2014, it seems like that’s what he’ll get. Moving forward, I am not as interested in specific electoral gains as much as changing narratives. I’d like end the narrative that conservatives are all greedy while liberals are all about helping people. I’d like to make the media bias of MSM more mainstream knowledge. Sick of people dismissing Fox because its “biased”. As time goes on these people look dumber everyday.

  2. I will admit to dark periods of near defeatism. However, they always end and usually around the time I remember the U.S. Grant quote “Stop worrying about what they are going to do to you, and start worrying about what you’re going to do to them. Get some more cannons up here!”

    1. “The goal isn’t to die for your country, it’s to make the other bastards die for theirs!”…?
      I forget who said it, and I’m too lazy to go look…. but yeah.

  3. I submit, Moe, that “we” is the wrong word. That is, “we” will not be at a loss in 2016 .. but that’s because there is no “we”; there is no unified GOP vision. Never was, really, not even in 1984.
    There are different … call them “sects” in the GOP ..
    If the D.C. Insider sect, Rubio/Rove, win, they will implement DC-centric fixes.
    If the Outside-the-beltway sect, Jindal/Walker, win, they will implement State-centric fixes.
    If the Tea Party sect, Rand Paul / Ted Cruz, win, they will implement Tea Party small-government low-tax fixes.
    If the Religio-Statists, Santorum .. no way in hell that’s gonna happen, actually.
    As you can also see, there is significant bleed-thru between the sects – Rand and Ted are insiders now, and the Tea Party are frequently (statistics show) religious… and like Marco Rubio.
    In short, while I agree that we are well prepared to win 2016 – provided we can avoid an Iowa bloodbath – there isn’t really a consensus on which solution set is better…. and “we” won’t resolve this short of November 2016 when the winner will say “this is what we’re doing”.
    As I could live happily with any of the above – including one-note-Santorum – I’ll watch and wait.

    1. The Dems are smart, they found a singular rallying call. They all hate Western Civilization; their sects have their own pet projects for sure, but they have one thing they can all rally against.

      I would like to think Conservatives could rally around the Constitution and Founders.

  4. With all due respect, the Democrats will not be defeated again until someone takes on the 900 lb gorilla in the room; vote fraud.


    We lost the presidential election by a total of 407,000 votes in 4 states. All those states, including my own, were subject to massive election fraud. The means varied, but they have been detected and are being deliberately ignored. In my state of Colorado, in 17 of 64 counties, there are more registered voters than people of voting age. The normal registration is about 50% of the eligible citizens. And we finished a purge of the voting rolls of dead, change of address, etc. before the election. Nothing is being done.

    The Republican Party is totally silent, because they signed a consent decree agreeing not to ever do anything about vote fraud nationwide. [text below]


    So besides the necessity of separating from the Institutional Republican Party, because they are allied with the Democrats against Conservatives; a real SECOND party is necessary because it will not be bound by the court decree and can prosecute vote fraud. Until vote fraud becomes too dangerous for Democrats, they will win elections. So there is no additional down side in separating from the Institutionals, because they are going to lose anyway.

    Might as well start the process now.

    Subotai Bahadur

  5. I am sure I sound like a broken record, and I admit that this is the case. My views on why conservatives are simply NOT the silent majority (or any majority) anymore are simple and clear.

    The Dems have us over a barrel because they lead in three things.

    1- education
    2- media
    3- GOTV

    Basically, it goes like this. The leftist progressives control education, they use it to indoctrinate as well as to produce stupid people. The output of stupid people watches stupid media, including the MSM news and vapid shows such as Conan, Letterman, The View, etc. The result of course is a majority that cares nothing for our founding principles, listens to Hollyweird for political marching orders, and faints at the sight of Obama who just happens to appear on the same banal shows.

    The Dems have a trump card if the above does not guarantee victory. They are light years ahead in GOTV efforts. This includes voter fraud only when needed.

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