In the Mail: Argo. [UPDATED]

Gotten via the kind use of Amazon affiliate links by people like YOU. Greatly appreciated, folks. Especially with all the national financial stuff looming.

I’ll let you know how it is: I’ve seen a lot of people who I like seeing being pissed off about things being pissed off about this movie, which is a point in its favor.

[UPDATE]: …Not bad; not bad at all. If it has a flaw it’s in the initial portrayal of the background conflict between the USA and the new revolutionary regime in Iran; the raw details are accurate enough, but they were perhaps too filtered through a post-Cold War sensibility. It’s easy for modern audiences to forget that, back in 1979, we were not only in the middle of a vicious and unrelenting ideological struggle for world domination; the general consensus was a glum certainty that our side was losing. If you were born before 1984 or so, I cannot begin to describe just how transformational Ronald Reagan was on our geopolitical perceptions.

But all of this is just a minor comment. Ben Affleck knows how to direct a movie.

One thought on “In the Mail: Argo. [UPDATED]”

  1. Like me, Moe, you’re old enough to remember the Carter malaise .. I found “Argo” quite accurate in re-creating the zeitgeist .. the spirit of the times.
    I won’t say it presents a fair and balanced view … but it does serve as a reminder – and a very good one – that the problems we’re facing today in the middle east are nothing new… (and given the trouble liberals have with things like facts and history .. I’m surprised they did this as honestly as they did)

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