6 thoughts on “Is this true?”

  1. I know that the Germans have a reputation for efficiency but WOW! They were able to plan and implement a multinational invasion entailing well over 100 divisions in just TWO days.

  2. Yeah, this is an old legend. Truth? not sure. Only thing I would add is that a fate worse that Hitler already hit Russia and his nam was Stalin.

    1. You know, if you had to ask me which one was worse for Russia I’d have to sit there and think about it for a while. Stalin ‘wins’ on what was done, but Hitler would have had the edge on what he planned to do. If only the two SOBs had met over a poker game in Vienna, and then promptly shot each other over the cards…

      1. I’d go further than that. It is a shame that the Gestapo couldn’t have killed off the communists, and the communists alone, at the same time as the NKVD was liquidating the Nazis. Then, finally, the last member each of the Gestapo and NKVD are wrestling at the top of a tall building, and they both fall off.
        If we are instead talking about heading things off at the pass, I don’t think that would have worked out. The nature of the Soviet Union was partly determined by what the lefties were hoping to do, flavored by Russia. This ended up being a) a sorting mechanism that found Stalin, that would have likely found someone similar without him b) utterly unable to resist meddling in the internal affairs of other countries. Especially when it comes to fishing in troubled waters. Their fishing in Germany, combined with Germany’s state, and the rumors the Germans were getting out of Eastern Europe, would create NSDAP or a NSDAP cognate, no matter whether Hitler is present or not. There is a case that a cognate with no Hitler would still probably end up being a fairly bad thing.

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