…Are you *crying*, Chuck Hagel?

The following is not intended in any way to serve as a complaint against Speaker of the House John Boehner, who I maintain a lively professional respect for.

You are. You’re crying.

New York Sen. Chuck Schumer said Wednesday that Chuck Hagel “almost had tears in his eyes” as he explained to the former Nebraska senator that the expression “Jewish lobby” is rooted in a negative depiction of Jews.

There’s no crying in politics!


No crying! In 2008 and 2012, when my side lost the Presidential election I got mocked by every mouth-breathing, slack-jawed halfwit yell leader on the Left side of the blogosphere.  Two months before my wedding, back in the day, I had to explain to my sainted mother why she was finding people online who were actually arguing that wishing me well on my nuptials was literally* equivalent to endorsing torture.  If Chuck Hagel actually does pull this off I fully expect to get another round of celebratory hate mail.  But did I cry?


Moe Lane

PS: I’m telling you, at this point if they switched Hagel out for Michele Flournoy I would be utterly unsurprised if the Senate didn’t even bother to have a full confirmation hearing.

*Yes.  Literally.

4 thoughts on “…Are you *crying*, Chuck Hagel?”

  1. I’m sorry, Does having to have Chuckie S. spell out to Chuckie H. that such a basic concept as the term “Jewish Lobby” has negative connotations somehow supposed to make him more appealing as a possible SecDef? Somebody better pull him aside and let him know that Putin may harbor some anger towards us, the French cannot be relied on, we’ve been in armed conflict in the Middle East for the last 10 years, and Kim Jong-un is batshit insane. I’m just saying, he might not know. Better safe than sorry.

  2. Had some interesting mental imagery from this.
    You say a thing, and you get the consequences of saying a thing.
    I like to say stuff. I also like to be able to support what I say with all my heart. This is why I put some effort into understanding what I say, and to figuring out if I want to reword things, or say something else.
    Hagel is in the big boy leagues. If you cannot take the consequences of sloppiness in wording in the big boy leagues, do not take sloppiness in wording to the big boy leagues.
    Democrats will be Democrats. (I use this partly with offensive intent. Where friendship or civility conflicts with this, like if doing so offers insult to the mother of my host, I have the loophole of ‘Not all Nazis were evil’. Those few Nazis who were otherwise decent and acted to project human life remind me of the possibility that there are Democrats who are exceptions.)
    My best wishes for the marriage of you and your wife.

  3. … Chuck Hagel “almost had tears in his eyes” …
    Perhaps someday he’ll have a clue in his head.
    But if he ever does, it won’t be Chuck Schumer who put it there.

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