Detroit inches closer to bankruptcy.

@caroljsroth noted this in passing, and so I went looking, and lo! The day of Robocop approaches.

A review team assigned by the state of Michigan declared Tuesday that the city of Detroit is in a state of “Final Emergency.”

This once booming city that thrived on the American automobile industry is on the verge of bankruptcy after a long and tumultuous economic decline. Gov. Rick Snyder will now have the green light to go ahead with Michigan’s emergency manager law, which calls to appoint a manager to financially struggling local governments of the state. Based on the law’s unsuccessful history, Gov. Snyder may have some difficult days ahead in hopes of saving Detroit.

I still say that what Detroit needs is a zombie plan.

Moe Lane

5 thoughts on “Detroit inches closer to bankruptcy.”

  1. Michigan could turn a profit on Detroit tomorrow.
    Imminent domain (and fair market offers) for everything inside, say, a ring around 8-mile or 10-mile.
    Wall it off, ala Berlin circa 1961, and depopulate every supermax prison in Michigan – into Detroit.
    Once it proves out, start taking supermax prisoners off the paws of other States .. for a fee.
    Yes, this is “Escape from Detroit”….but per capita, Michigan is one of the most heavily armed States … they’ll be fine.

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  3. Detroit IS bankrupt it has been since I moved into this state. Not really sure there id anything else to say I’m for knocking it all down and plowing it all under.

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