No way the DC Press Corps gives up #nerdprom.




…here is an immodest proposal for [Fox News’ Ed] Henry and other members offended by the administration’s treatment: Boycott the annual dinner. It is the most (and only) high-profile night of the year for the WHCA, so the gesture would undoubtedly get attention.

Not that I’m bitter about the fact that I never get an invite to these things anyway. Actually, no, I really am not bitter. I’m a propagandist, ideologue, and polemicist… well, yes, so is the average member of the DC Press corps, but I also cop to it in public, which is a distinct no-no.  So, no invite for me…

Moe Lane



6 thoughts on “No way the DC Press Corps gives up #nerdprom.”

  1. The White House press corps complaining about the White House treatment is akin to a hooker complaining her john doesn’t respect her in the morning. All a hooker has a right to expect is the agreed upon payment (well, unless her john’s name is Senator Menendez in that case, she might want to consider getting the agreed upon payment up front). If the White House press corps wants Obama to repect them in the morning, they ought to quit acting like prostitutes and act like, I don’t know journalist.

    1. Wait .. are we back to insulting D.C. hookers by comparing them to politicians again?
      We’re not? We’re comparing them to journolisters now?
      I’m sorry, that’s like comparing a cop to a lawyer, then making it better by changing to a used car dealer…

  2. I though nerdprom was the San Diego Comicon. I would refer to this as the Sycophants Ball.

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