Giant Sequioa threatened by road developers in… Portland. Wait, WHAT?

Portland?  Portland, Oregon? Has there been a mix-up, somewhere?

The tree at the center of the controversy is a giant sequoia that stands about 120 feet tall and measures 18 feet around.  It’s one of a couple dozen giant sequoias in Pier Park, but the only one on the chopping block.

Park visitors have already pinned up a little memorial on the tree’s trunk asking the city to reconsider.  The problem is that the tree sits in the way of a major project, according to Portland Parks and Recreation officials.

The city is building a ten-mile long pedestrian and bike trail called the North Portland Greenway.  Once completed, the trail will connect North Portland to downtown.  Plans call for a bridge to be built over a set of railroad tracks, and according to the city, that sequoia tree is in the way.

OK, I admit that I don’t like the Greenies very much, but I would have thought that they could be relied upon to THROW THEIR BODIES BETWEEN A BULLDOZER AND A GIANT SEQUOIA TREE.  Seriously, isn’t this sort of thing like porn to them?

Oh, right: bike path.  Guess that’s more important than a tree.  Despite the fact that the tree does something useful, and the bike path probably won’t.

Moe Lane


5 thoughts on “Giant Sequioa threatened by road developers in… Portland. Wait, WHAT?”

  1. Giant Sequoias are not native to Portland so they can justify cutting it down on that basis. Plus they are conflicted over not screwing with private property rights.

    1. I love to quote that rant every time someone talks about ‘saving the planet’. That and the Offspring song _Change The World_.

  2. This just has to be causing the Birkenstocks and granola crowd there some real cognitive dissonance. Heh. 🙂

    Hey, maybe the Berkeley tree sitters can rush to the rescue!

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