Giant Sequioa threatened by road developers in… Portland. Wait, WHAT?

Portland?  Portland, Oregon? Has there been a mix-up, somewhere?

The tree at the center of the controversy is a giant sequoia that stands about 120 feet tall and measures 18 feet around.  It’s one of a couple dozen giant sequoias in Pier Park, but the only one on the chopping block.

Park visitors have already pinned up a little memorial on the tree’s trunk asking the city to reconsider.  The problem is that the tree sits in the way of a major project, according to Portland Parks and Recreation officials.

The city is building a ten-mile long pedestrian and bike trail called the North Portland Greenway.  Once completed, the trail will connect North Portland to downtown.  Plans call for a bridge to be built over a set of railroad tracks, and according to the city, that sequoia tree is in the way.

OK, I admit that I don’t like the Greenies very much, but I would have thought that they could be relied upon to THROW THEIR BODIES BETWEEN A BULLDOZER AND A GIANT SEQUOIA TREE.  Seriously, isn’t this sort of thing like porn to them?

Oh, right: bike path.  Guess that’s more important than a tree.  Despite the fact that the tree does something useful, and the bike path probably won’t.

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