Before everybody starts bloviating about Goodlatte…

…please be advised that, translated into English, what this Roll Call article is saying is that new Judiciary Chair Robert Goodlatte wants to:

  • Have the administration explain how existing laws are being enforced with regard to gun control.  The answer to that is, by the way, “damn inconsistently:” Congress routinely passes laws that it would be suicide for the executive branch to consistently enforce, but having those same laws can come in handy when you need a reason to throw somebody in jail.
  • Have the administration “crackdown on gun traffickers, or “straw purchasers,” who illegally buy firearms for those who may not do so.”  The problem there for the administration, of course, is that they’d have to start with the Attorney General and work their way down.
  • ‘Fix’ the National Instant Criminal Background Check System, which nobody actually wants to fix because the only way to fix it is to demand a lot of personal information from millions of people who like to punch holes in pieces of paper.  And, hey, it’s up for renewal this year!

Via Instapundit.  I admit readily that the last point is something to keep track of, if not actually watch like a hawk.  But there’s less in this article than it appears.

3 thoughts on “Before everybody starts bloviating about Goodlatte…”

  1. So the problem here is that I trust the Republican leadership oh, about zero, give or take a bit. They’ve earned that distrust.

    So basically anything like this comes up it needs to be stomped on, quickly, before any back-room deals happen. The folks involved need to understand that if they do anything like this, they’re going to move quickly into the role of ex-Congressman.

    So whether or not there’s anything here, bloviating is called for, just to keep their eyes focused on the prize of staying in office.

  2. It’s not only what he said, it’s who he is, and what he said was not that great.

    Goodlatte is a proven statist, he was the lead crusader in the House to ban online gambling.

    And his quoted remarks: “but we do not want to write new laws that are not going to be enforced, number one, and we don’t want to write new laws that aren’t going to work, number two.” Do not exactly have the same ring as “From my cold dead hands”.

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