Tweet of the Day, “Megatron Has FALLEN!” edition.

Because Josh is completely correct here.

Completely, perfectly, possibly even terrifyingly correct. Starscream’s personality more or less maps marvelously to Obama anyway: and I think that we dodged a bullet when he didn’t end up playing Starscream to Hillary’s Megatron. Imagine a world where this guy has been cooling his heels for four years as VICE President… and where his fanboys and fangirls have all put themselves in a proper tizzy because clearly Obama would have done better than the 6.5% average unemployment that the country suffered under Hillary Clinton’s first term. The Democrats could be in a position to conceivably win in 2016 under that scenario, in other words.

Well, there’s the lesson for the day: don’t rush things.

Moe Lane

9 thoughts on “Tweet of the Day, “Megatron Has FALLEN!” edition.”

    1. Actually, a story in which the newly-elected President is almost immediately assassinated in a violent coup by his presumed-dead predecessor, returned as the mostly-willing, possibly-insane puppet of a heretofore-unknown, world-devouring entity from beyond the stars sounds like something that would be in Moe’s wheelhouse.

    2. But people die if they are killed. Starscream didn’t die.
      Sorta like Nyarlahotep and Tzeentch.
      Obama will always be Bob the Builder to me.
      See, way before 2008, I came across a comic on the internet.
      First Panel: Bob chainsaws woman in half. (I suspect either a love interest or a token female. Either way, she’s dead, as people don’t recover from that short of a Akira Miyashita manga.)
      Second panel: Bob: ‘Can we fix it?’ Other guy looks uncomfortable, and is looking for a way out.
      Third Panel: Bob: ‘I said, can we fix it?’ Other guy is even more scared.
      Fourth Panel: Other Guy: ‘Yes. Yes, we can.’

  1. Actually the thought of a vice president O’bama waiting in the wings for 2016 is quite terrifying.

    1. The thought of Vice President Obama, after eight years of boot camp in the Clinton Machine, is horror.
      The thought of former Vice President Obama, after four years of .. basically playing the Will Smith character from Fresh Prince of Bel Air .. in the Biden administration, and currently unemployed, is .. comedy.

      1. At least we are done with him as he is practically a lame duck and then Chicago gets him back, hopefully never to be seen again.

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