Today is the day that ‘munchkin’ enters the American political lexicon. @sjgames

My post about Barack Obama as a power gamer was referenced in National Review Online, with my use of the term ‘munchkin’ quoted (as well as the meme of The Gun Is My Skill List).  By the way, both terms originate[*] in the seminal and influential work Munchkins Guide to Power Gaming…  wait a second: sixty-three bucks new?  Steve Jackson Games should do a reprint.

Anyway, this is a moment of quiet pride for me.  It’s like I’m rust!

Moe Lane

*For the sake of accuracy, this point from @sjgames is well-taken:

…although as I noted in my response, the Guide really is what at least popularized the term.

12 thoughts on “Today is the day that ‘munchkin’ enters the American political lexicon. @sjgames”

    1. 10 minutes then in the next breath said lib commentator will hurl a racial slur at Tim Scott, Mario Rubio or Senator McConnell’s wife because thats how the roll.

      1. and they not the – this is just embarrassing. This must be how Lawerence O’Donnell feels on any average day.

    2. As a Munchkin-American…
      Seriously, I’m a bit too much of an anti-social loner for roleplaying.
      I like to read the books, and come up with fun ideas.
      Never have gotten my act together enough to join a group, online or in RL.
      Less said about how I sometimes like to play single player computer games the better.

  1. For what it’s worth, that was an absolutely beautiful mind-meld between your two main post categories of gaming/geekery and politics, and is a perfect example of why I subscribed to your blog 🙂

  2. Actually the post has caused me some problems how do we know O’bama isn’t a character in somebodies game, don’t think on that one to hard. The answer isn’t pleasant.

  3. If I’m an NPC in somebodies game why am I not having more fun. What is this “After The Holocaust” or something and you’d think we’d remember something like that.

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