So, where will YOU be spending your post-Sequester apocalypse?

I was going to go with the traditional compound in the wilderness, but that’s just so done, don’t you think?  And at this point one simply cannot pre-book any cabins on any of the cobbled-together rusty fleets of tramp steamers drifting offshore as the cities burn.  Don’t get me started on the space arks, either; clearly with those co-op boards it’s not what you know but who you know, if you catch my drift – and I think that you do.

Clearly I am going to have to barricade the first floor and hope that the rest of the country will oblige me with a Last Man On Earth scenario.  It’s all very tiresome.

Moe Lane

PS: Alternatively, we could just… keep going on.  ‘We’ being, you know, human civilization and such.

5 thoughts on “So, where will YOU be spending your post-Sequester apocalypse?”

  1. My personal apocalypse came some months ago. For once, I’m ahead of a societal trend. Yeah, I was financially devastated before Obama made financial devastation trendy…..

  2. Today, I have gone to work, driving past miles of burning, broken wreckage and braved the savage behavior of my once-civilized coworkers.
    Well. More like driving a mile-and-a-half (short commute) past other people in perfectly functional cars, and braving the usual friendly greetings of my still-civilized coworkers. I haven’t seen a single act of cannibalism or fire falling from the sky, yet.
    If hell and high water finally come, though, it’ll be a day to stay home and load magazines. Demons in rowboats get FMJ.

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