How do party switches happen?

This PJ Media article about how some liberals become conservatives is pretty interesting and jibes with what I’ve heard from others, but speaking as a former Democrat I’d have to say that the process is not always that complex.  In my case… like Ronald Reagan, I didn’t leave the Democrats; they left me.  I will cop to becoming considerably more pro-life since then, but that’s mostly from having kids.  Besides, it used to be that abortion wasn’t linked quite so securely to ideology.

Read the whole thing, though: it may give you some useful tips to help somebody else out who may be transitioning.  Although I’ve found that the handiest trick there is pretty simple: if you’re in a mixed group of people and you know that a wavering liberal is in the crowd, don’t be the loudest a*shole in the room.  The Angry Left are sometimes some of our best recruiters*.

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Moe Lane

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