Judicial probe into Scott Walker associates ends unhappily. For progressives.



Ed Schultz concluded the segment by making a wild assertion. “Scott Walker could very well be indicted in the coming days,” the MSNBC host said.

…What’s that?  You want to take a moment to drink Schultz’s pain, there?  Of course, of course.  We can wait*.

Anyway, Counter-point:

The nearly three-year-old John Doe investigation into aides and associates of Gov. Scott Walker is closed, the judge who is overseeing that probe said Friday.

Neal Nettesheim, a retired state appeals court judge, said he entered an order last week concluding the probe. The decision was made public after Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm concluded paperwork in the case.

No new charges will come from the John Doe investigation, Nettesheim said.

Via @wisconsinreport.  I can’t wait to see which sacrificial lamb they put up against Scott Walker next year…

Moe Lane

*It was a fun night, wasn’t it?  I still have people ticked off at me for what I wrote about it at the time.

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  1. Looks like Shultz was banking on the old saw about indicting a ham sandwich. Seems like you need evidence these days, even against a deli meal.

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