I say this as a squishy-soft pro-amnesty immigration moderate…

…Barack Obama (and the rest of his party) had better pray that none of the illegal immigrants that the President played catch-and-release with this week end up committing any violent crimes.

Although ICE publicly says it is not planning to release any more illegal immigrants into the monitoring program at this time, the Associated Press said it obtained internal budget documents on Friday stating that the agency planned to released as many as 3,000 more illegal immigrants in March. The documents also stated that more than 2,000 illegal immigrants were released this week, far more than the “several hundred” ICE officials have said.

I understand that the actual mechanism involved is a bit more complex than it first looks; I also understand that the same could be said of the Massachusetts furlough program.  Didn’t exactly help Mike Dukasis when Willie Horton went over the wall, and if somebody from this program decides to LARP Machete* his way across the American Southwest it won’t help whoever ends up as the next Democratic nominee, either.

Hey, don’t blame me: I’m just the messenger here.

Moe Lane

*Seriously: did nobody in the Latino community have a problem with this flick?  For real?

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