Magpul ready to flee Colorado gun-grabbing laws.

I’m pretty sure that Magpul is not bluffing, here:

Colorado’s largest and most profitable manufacturer of high-capacity ammunition magazines has vowed to leave the state if lawmakers pass a measure banning the devices — a move officials with the company say could cost hundreds of jobs and upward of $85 million in potential spending this year.

Magpul’s threat has Democratic lawmakers scrambling to strike a balance that remains true to their goal of limiting the number of rounds a magazine can hold without frightening off businesses.

…and I don’t think that there’s an actual balance to be struck, either. The loss of Magpul’s hundreds of jobs (and $85 million’s worth of business per year) won’t cripple Colorado, but neither does Magpul need to stick around and operate in a state run by provincial yahoos who can’t comprehend that not everybody is as scared of guns as is the average Democratic legislator.  Particularly since more than one state is actively offering to help Magpul with the relocation*: “As the debate unfolds, states have made overtures to Magpul, including offering to pay their moving costs. The company won’t name the states, but Wyoming and Texas have expressed interest in netting the $85 million the company projects it will spend in Colorado next year in payments to suppliers, subcontractors and service providers.”

It remains to be seen whether the legislature will take the hint; normally you would expect news like this to have an impact, but then usually state legislatures have not been taken over by religious fundamentalists suffering from an acute case of mass hysteria.  I probably should want to see Magpul go – it supports the basic argument that there’s a reason why Republican-controlled states are doing better than Democratic-controlled ones in this anemic ‘recovery’ – but, honestly? I’d rather that the Colorado legislature got a rush of oxygen to the brain.  It’s better for the country in the long run.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

*Entertainingly, more than one person has been making noises about letting Magpul go.  I say ‘entertaining’ because I have yet to see one who seems to really get that money does not come from a magical tree.  Certainly none of them have been able to come up with something that would replace all those jobs and all that revenue… and I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for that, either.  The Internet is full of people who will be happy to tell you how they could do things better, while not actually ever doing them; and not all of them are like me (and thus, correct).

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  1. Kinda rootin’ for Wyoming for this one. Cheyenne is less of a relocation than Dallas, although Amarillo isn’t *too* bad …
    For another, Cheyenne Wyoming is one of those classic western American names… evokes the frontier and hardcore types without evoking the sometimes over-the-top Texas ‘tude.

    1. Cheyenne is still a very classical western town. It hasn’t changed much over the years. I’m expecting gun and ammo shops at the border across the street from the fireworks store any time now. Cheyenne is actually closer to Fort Collins than Denver, and the border is less than 30 mins. away up I-25.

      1. Don’t misunderstand me, Liber .. Texas culture is a net good. It’s an impediment the California refugees/invaders are going to have a hard time overcoming.
        That said .. Texan culture does isolate Texas from non-Texans (such as myself) who want the same things.. but without the style-by-Galleria and presumptive religion.
        I don’t have a problem with public religion, until someone has a problem with my declining to participate, eh?

        1. Don’t misunderstand me, cat… I was just being obnoxious. You are welcome to decline to participate in Texas’ cult of personality (that is actually a personality and not a person). As the Lovett once said “but Texas wants you anyways.”

  2. It is also entertaining to note that Magpul has also given CO residents an express lane to buy their magazines in preference to other state residents whose legislatures are not so stupid. Magpul has promised to take similar action for other states with stupid legislatures.

  3. Furthermore, it is enlightening to watch (admittedly smaller) companies announcing they will only sell to law enforcement that which is permitted to be sold to civilians in whichever state they reside.

  4. Magpul’s threat has Democratic lawmakers scrambling to strike a balance that remains true to their goal of limiting the number of rounds a magazine can hold without frightening off businesses.
    “And darn it, we WILL figure out a way to divide by zero ANY DAY NOW as well!”

    1. The democrats have a zero in the white house which has pretty thoroughly divided the country…….

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