Went to go see “Hansel & Gretel, Witch Hunters.”

In 3D, no less.



If you’re into historically accurate period pieces, you will probably burst into flames as soon as the opening credits roll.  If you are a gamemaster running the  7th Sea roleplaying game, congratulations: here’s your next Eisen campaign.  For folks in between those two poles: it’s a popcorn flick.  A very, very, very gory popcorn flick where the curse words flow like gore.  I had marvelous fun, but then I have impeccably low tastes in my entertainment; what redeemed the movie in my eyes was that the folks doing it knew what they liked, and knew that pretty much everything that they showed on the screen has a bloody echo somewhere in the old folktales.  Plus, the gadgets were not so much anachronistic as they were we-don’t-care-and-neither-do-you.  I give extra points for brazen.

Moe Lane

Spoiler warning: the bit with the troll was totally telegraphed by making him look like Ron Perlman.  Which is all right: I wasn’t in that movie theater for anything deep.

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