Adam Carolla and the death of fatherhood in certain subdemographics.

Apparently, California Lt. Governor Gavin Newsome was on Adam Carolla’s radio program, and Carolla raked Newsome over the coals about why Blacks and Hispanics were having the devil of a time as a group getting above the poverty line.  After verifying that Newsome was not a secret racist (it’s a dirty little secret in this business that you always have to check that, when it comes to white liberal Democrats), Carolla put his finger on part of the problem, or at least a major symptom:

The host surmised that the difference was the lack of a strong traditional family structure among blacks and Hispanics — specifically the lack of fathers in stable households.

Via @Jamie_Weinstein.

Let me be brutal: you want to avoid poverty?  Do these three things:

  • Get a high school diploma.
  • Get married before you have kids.  And stay married.
  • Work. Even if it’s a cr*p job.

Statistically speaking, managing these three things will tend to keep you from poverty.  Unfortunately, the Obama administration is not really interested in facilitating the latter two categories; the retreat on welfare reform damaged #2 and Obamacare is killing #3.  Besides, this administration is fundamentally unwilling to actually improve African-Americans as a class: if reincarnation was real and Woodrow Wilson was given a second shot at messing up black lives en masse, he’d have been happy to reincarnate as Barack Obama.

Hey: I SAID, “brutal.”

Moe Lane

5 thoughts on “Adam Carolla and the death of fatherhood in certain subdemographics.”

  1. I am so tired of being criticized for talking about the importance of fathers. Many women just hate hearing that, and get very defensive as if I am attacking them personally.

    It is weird because many women will talk about how useless men are, and then complain that men don’t do enough or take enough effort. Why should they?

    Somehow women have gotten the message that it is OK to treat men like dirt, and it hurts men women and kids.

    It drives me crazy. Then I get called a woman-hater for defending men ( I am female). I also can’t stand listening to newly divorced women at kids’ birthday parties conspire on how to get more money out of their exes and tips on meeting more men. I don’t know it just drives me nuts.

  2. It is important to remember that the causes of poverty fall into two categories: things you have control of and things you do not. Not finishing high school and having kids out of marriage have very strong correlations to family poverty. Take care of the things you have control of before using the things you do not as an excuse.

  3. Aside from catastrophic illness, I’ve found the more prepared I am, the luckier I get. That’s a big aside, I’ll admit.
    One thing I’ve struggled to understand–why are Asians (as a demographic) so predisposed to vote for Democrats?

    1. That’s bugging me too. I don’t understand all of this love of all things democrat.

  4. SO you’re saying it’s important to have 2 parents . . . huh. Who’da thunk it?

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