Dammit, we got too greedy…

…Wisconsin Democrat (and frothing lunatic) Graeme Zielinksi will be shutting up now.

After a couple of tweets on March 1 comparing [Governor Scott] Walker to Jeffrey Dahmer, Zielinski is out as spokesman although he’ll still be working for the Wisconsin Democratic Party, Democratic Party staffer Graeme Zielinski dropped as spokesman after Twitter outburst

Oh, well, nothing lasts forever.

2 thoughts on “Dammit, we got too greedy…”

  1. So, make the most of his ouster by telling people about it:
    “Graeme Zielinksi, the official spokesman for the Wisconsin Democrats, said things so loathsome that even they finally developed a sense of embarrassment and took him off the stage. He’s still working for them, though — the Democratic Party may understand embarrassment, but they don’t yet grasp the concept of shame.

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