Bioware closes San Francisco office: ‘too expensive’ to do business there now?

It was the part of the company that did mobile games that I can’t play on the iPad because of Flash and can we please have Flash for the iPad, already?  Seriously, people, there’s a limit to how much nose you should cut off to spite your face.

Anyway, take a gander at this:

The studio, which focused on social and mobile games, was brought under the BioWare label in August 2011. Our source tells us Electronic Arts found it was “too expensive” to do mobile development in Redwood Shores, CA.

…No!  REALLY?  To paraphrase Jonathan Coulton: I don’t want to go off on a political rant here.


  • mqatrombone says:

    Flash ain’t happening on the iPad. Adobe has all but conceded the mobile space to HTML5.

  • Aruges says:

    Despite the studio’s name, it was located in Redwood City/Shores which is 26 miles outside of San Fransisco. It’s not exactly a cheap location, but it’s a heck of a lot cheaper than San Fransisco proper.

    I don’t know how Double Fine does it.

  • earlgrey says:

    Did they say where they are going?

  • DemosthenesVW says:

    I never forgave Coulton for saying that, and then turning around and doing it anyway.

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