QotD, The “Too Cute By Half” Sequester edition.

It certainly was, John.

In the past, presidents have reluctantly acceded to policies enacted by a Congress with enough power to override a White House veto. But this was and is something else: [President Barack Obama] himself sought the imposition of bad policy for the purpose of blackmailing himself and others into making better policy.

That’s ironic. And the thing is, the political system itself has no sense of irony. The political system is very literal. It can’t be expected to understand when a policy is intended to be sardonic — as Obama’s was.

President Obama messed up.  I originally wrote that as “President Hipster,” but I try to keep a tight lid on the name-calling; judging from 2001-2009, that habit reduced the median IQ of the Online Left by about ten, fifteen points.  Besides: hipsters generally stay within their own social space boundaries.

4 thoughts on “QotD, The “Too Cute By Half” Sequester edition.”

  1. I think you have cause and effect reversed with that IQ drop. They’re lefties because they tend 10-15 points below average.

  2. Kuma’s Corner has a sign, “Hipsters use rear entrance”… so clearly they do get off the reservation from time to time.
    Further, loving something that nobody else loves, only to abandon it when it goes mainstream is classic hipster.
    I’ll agree, name-calling isn’t a good practice to get into, however in this instance, you can clearly make the case.

  3. This was always the biggest peril for President Organizing: that no one would notice the Sea Quester, let alone care.
    Please note the Dow and NASDAQ caring, even deeply, about the SQ, though not in an OFA-friendly fashion.

  4. “President Hipster” — name-calling.
    “Our hipster president” — truth in labeling.

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