Washington Post used the wrong hooker to ‘debunk’ the Bob Menendez hooker story?

Come, I will hide nothing from you: when it comes to the Adventures of Bob Menendez, it is my suspicion that the hookers will turn out to be the least important, yet most enticing, part of the story.  I am reasonably confident that Menendez availed himself of foreign prostitutes; I am neutral on whether one of them was legal by the standards of the Dominican Republic, and it would not break my heart to hear that Bob Menendez actually has enough couth and self-control to at least make sure that the girls he hires are adults.  And if the whole hooker thing turns out to be false, a brutally pragmatic view of the situation would suggest that at this point it doesn’t matter: Menendez’s ties to Florida political contributor Salomon Melgen are now out, and not shaping up well under scrutiny.

None of this should be taken as an indication that the Washington Post didn’t screw up royally, here.

The Washington Post mistook one prostitute for another Monday in a report that initially seemed to debunk a November 2012 Daily Caller exposé of New Jersey Democratic Senator Bob Menendez.


…the Post reported that de los Santos claimed she implicated Menendez, his long-time donor Dr. Salomon Melgen, “and prominent Dominican lawyer Vinicio Castillo Selmán [sic], Melgen’s cousin, in hiring prostitutes.”

But Castillo Semán was not identified at any point during TheDC’s video interviews. His name first surfaced nearly three months later, in a written testimonial from a prostitute that appeared among emails and other records placed online by a whistle-blower calling himself Peter Williams.

Couple that with the minor detail that the video footage pretty clearly shows that the interviewees knew that they were being taped by a news organization… well.  It must be nice for the Washington Post to have all those editors and fact-checkers on hand to test out stories. A shame that they couldn’t find an intern to watch the footage, though.

Moe Lane

11 thoughts on “Washington Post used the wrong hooker to ‘debunk’ the Bob Menendez hooker story?”

  1. Half the time the media can’t figure out what party these political whores belong to, why should we expect the media to be able to figure out what party a given prostitute went to?

  2. Confession time: when I first read the Daily Caller’s headline, I thought they were claiming the WaPo confused Menendez with the hookers. This is both funny and also O’Rourke-ian.

  3. Before you go for the money shot, you might need a fluffer … and the Journolistas at the Washington Post eagerly volunteered for that position.

  4. Lessons from to be learned from Sex Addicts (otherwise known as Democratic politicians)

    1. Never outsource your sex parties (Bob Menendez) – especially to a shady character you might not want to be tied to like Melgren

    2. Hooking is a cash only business, never use a medium of payment that would cause the IRS to get interested like oh Bank wires (Eliot Spitzer).

    3. Always pay the hooker the fully agreed upon payment, heck through in a tip. This keeps them happy and they are less likely to uh, run their mouths to the Daily Caller (Bob Menendez)

    4. Never use government employees as your wing man. Their silence can’t be guaranteed (Bill Clinton). In fact, make sure your wing man is someone you pay very well and preferably stands to do time by running his mouth.

    5. Never, ever use campaign contributions which are reported to the federal government to support your mistresses lifestyle (John Edwards)

    6. Never under any circumstances do you meet your mistress for a rendezvous in a place where someone on a dolphin watching tour can snap a picture of you in the act. (Gary Hart)

    7. The Golden Rule of Hooking – DON’T TELL THE HOOKER, YOUR FLIPPING NAME. That’s right it is a business transaction, you don’t need her name and she surely doesn’t need yours. Pay her the cash and tip and your name is John F Doe. (Every democratic politician)

    So Democrats, I mean sex addicts follow these simple common sense rules to cheating and partying and you won’t end up on one of Tucker Carlson’s exposes.

    1. The Golden Rule of Hooking – DON’T TELL THE HOOKER, YOUR FLIPPING NAME.
      But this goes against the primal urge of every male Democrat politician to utter his favorite words:
      “Do you know who I am?!”

    2. Shouldn’t Rule # 1 be to delegate a staffer to make sure you follow rules # 2 thru 8?

  5. Newspaper rule of the day – when a story breaks ask yourself this question if a Dominican hooker sex party is offered by less than reputable campaign contributor is Senator X (in this case Menendez) of such high moral character, he would say no thanks. After laughing hysterically, write an editorial asking said Senator to resign so he can be replaced by the next crook that crawls out of the Democratic Party’s cesspool of candidates.

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