QotD, And May You Have Joy Of His Company, Democrats edition.

There are a bunch of people out there worried that Charlie Crist possibly wasn’t the get for the Democrats that they thought that it was:

“There are Democrats out there who can’t get their arms around [former Florida Governor Charlie] Crist. I get it,” [Democratic operative Steve] Schale said. “They spent 20 years of their activist lives working against him. It’s a process.”

I know that there’s a bunch of people out there who are a little ticked at Governor Rick Scott right now, and I don’t blame them.  But if Charlie Crist actually does become the Democratic nominee then the people who are most upset at Scott must understand that most of the rest of their current compatriots will decide that being a systematic party and ideological turncoat easily trumps wanting to expand Medicare.  :shrug: I just tell you this stuff; I don’t actually cause any of it.


One thought on “QotD, And May You Have Joy Of His Company, Democrats edition.”

  1. I am pleasantly reminded of the fate of Arlen Spector, and I wish Orange Charlie a similar ignominious end.
    One detail that’s missing, Moe …surely the Fla Dems have at least one other candidate-in-waiting, one who could challenge Orange Charlie for the nom…
    A bloody Dem primary could be quite fun to watch. I know they’re sometimes smart enough to avoid this, but .. not always.

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