Sorry, folks: I’m just phoning it in today.

Daylight Savings Time itself isn’t so bad; it’s dealing with the kids who are cranky about it that wearies.

So… here.  I remember this.  On a visceral level.

Lyrics to “N Apostrophe T” by Tom Lehrer.

3 thoughts on “Sorry, folks: I’m just phoning it in today.”

  1. Daylight savings sucks. I was sad when my former home state of Indiana finally gave up and adopted DST. If we’re going to have DST, it should start on April 1 and end on November 1: April Fools, you’re late for work, and kids will get an extra hour to trick-or-treat on Halloween. Oh, and DST should end at 3am (setting clocks back to 2am) so that way we only screw up one hour for cronjobs, not two.

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