Maryland hops bleg.

I need to track down a supplier that can sell me a couple of bags of genuine Maryland hops – yeah, the stuff that they use in making beer – for a gift.  This has been harder for me to do than I expected.

10 thoughts on “Maryland hops bleg.”

  1. I don’t know which breed is genuine Maryland hops, but you can get some rhizomes here and here.
    And you are a little late Moe. You need to hurry up to buy them if you want to plant them by the end of March.

  2. Any idea about the specific strain/variety’s name you’re looking for?
    Or at least some information about the varieties of beer brewed with it, so I can make an educated guess?

    1. “A bag of Maryland hops.” I mostly need it as a prop; worst-case scenario, I buy some generic hops from a homebrew store and lie. 🙂

      1. Go with Centennial, then. It’s a pretty generic bittering hop that’ll grow in Maryland without special care.

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