New Jersey Democratic Mayor to… it’s too comprehensively fun to summarize, sorry.

It’s hard out there for a New Jersey Democrat:

East Brunswick Mayor Dave Stahl will head to the Colonial Diner (located at 560 Route 18 N) [Tuesday] morning at 10:30 a.m. and announce his intention to (1) endorse Chris Christie AND (2) switch parties (3) AND run as a GOP candidate for State Senate this fall. That’s Buono’s seat.

‘Buono’ being ‘Christine [Barbara*] Buono,’ who Chris Christie is currently beating in a head-to-head poll 58/22; Christie is currently getting the support of 1/3 of NJ Democrats, including (the last time I checked) my mom.  I’m mentioning that last bit because my mom (who I dearly love) is practically a Trotskyite; if this keeps up then I may not even bother to declare DOOM.  It’d be… cruel.  I never did that to Alvin Greene or Tara Hollis, after all.



Yes, exactly.

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*I had somebody point this out.  I fixed it; but, really, who cares?

3 thoughts on “New Jersey Democratic Mayor to… it’s too comprehensively fun to summarize, sorry.”

  1. I always suspected Greene was a secret genius. By adding that one race to his resume, as well as – if he really is bright – walking away with some campaign funds, he could turn the unwinnable into the launch pad for a quite successful career.
    I harbor no such suspicions about Buono, by the way, and can only hope she’s been promised a Dem sinecure somewhere that will support her in her golden years.

    1. Probably a spot as a pundit on MSNBC; I’d say current but Al Gore cashed in that steaming pile of excrement into middle Eastern Oil money to Al Jezeera to run uh, uh propaganda.

  2. Good. If Christie is doing that well, then he doesn’t need any of my money. Which, in the aftermath of Sandy, he wasn’t going to get anyway. So now I don’t have to feel bad about taking one of his fundraising requests, writing “Not a brass farthing!” on the line, and mailing it back.
    Yes, I would still prefer Christie over any NJ Democrat, obviously. No, I won’t do anything to help him win future elective office — unless I feel I have no choice, which would pretty much mean he was on the national ticket.

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