Patty Murray’s …I need a word that means ‘worthy of disgusted pity’ …budget.

So, we’re looking at a Senate proposal of one trillion in new taxes:

Senate Democrats are drafting a federal budget blueprint that would raise nearly $1 trillion in new taxes over the next decade and slice roughly $1 trillion more from projected spending, according to Democratic aides familiar with the document.

Let me translate that into English: the Democrats are proposing more than one trillion in taxes (that number will go up, trust me) and no real spending cuts. “Projected spending” is a null statement designed to lock in current spending as a baseline, despite the fact that current spending is an aberration and artifact of that 2009 ‘stimulus’ that didn’t even work.   It’s not going to fly with the House.  It’s going to be pure hell for Democratic Senators up for re-election next year.  It’s even admitted that the proposal is not going to balance the budget any time soon.

Tragically, though: it’s still progress.  This is the first budget we’ve seen from Senate Democrats in years.

Moe Lane

7 thoughts on “Patty Murray’s …I need a word that means ‘worthy of disgusted pity’ …budget.”

  1. This makes me wish for the good ole days when Harry Reid’s caucus sat on the blessed assurances and did nothing.

    1. Yeah, but then someone had the idea to cut their pay …
      Maybe they’d all be happier as WalMart greeters…?

  2. This is why they didn’t want to make a budget in the 1st place. They can’t put one together that both mollifies their base AND doesn’t piss off regular people.

  3. But but but, the Democrats and the Media (BIRM) told me that if we just repealed the Bush Tax cuts for the top 2%, that would solve all the nation’s fiscal woes.

  4. That word you’re looking for? In the NJ article about Ashley Judd–“Obama-cized”.

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