Oh, for Pete’s sake, Mark Kelly… Admit it: YOU WANTED AN AR-15.

I understand why you wanted one, too: it’s an extremely popular rifle for a reason.  You figured that getting one used from a reputable dealer was a good bargain, which it is.  And as for the risk… what risk?  Are you not a perfectly law-abiding individual?  Have you not demonstrated that you’re a responsible citizen?  Can you not be trusted with a semi-automatic weapon?

And indeed, you can be so trusted.  But here’s the thing, Mark Kelly: WE CAN TRUST VIRTUALLY EVERY OTHER PERSON IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA WHO HAS EVER PURCHASED AN AR-15.  As witnessed by the fact that we do not live in a post-Collapse urbanized wasteland.

Moe Lane

PS: …Hypocrite.

4 thoughts on “Oh, for Pete’s sake, Mark Kelly… Admit it: YOU WANTED AN AR-15.”

  1. Um, Moe doesn’t buying an Ar-15 with the intention of giving it to someone else Kinda, Sorta, make you a felon. You are committing a crime by, in effect acting as a straw purchaser for someone else, even if it is a LEO group. At least that’s my understanding of the Law. Hey, I could be wrong. And I believe that’s a Federal Law not local. Unless I’m wrong local law will put it back in circulation, so he screwed up a lot!

    1. Actually, no. It’s only a felony if someone asks you to do it for them and you do so. Otherwise just about every rural parent in the south would be a felon come Christmas some year.

  2. I would say Mark Kelly proved the gun laws worked as intended, he a law abiding citizen without a record went to purchase a gun. The reputable dealer requested a background check, the state agency responsible ran the check, found that indeed Mark Kelly wasn’t a felon and cleared the purchase. #HowItIsSupposedToWork

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