I’m going to score this SPECIFIC @verizon experience as a wash…

…it was frustrating as hell to find a person to talk to about the way that my phone died yesterday (turns out it was disconnected and the number reassigned), but the person that I did eventually talk to lacked that tooth-grinding sense of offended pique at having to work with a customer.  She was actually quite nice. I’m not actually all that ticked off at the phone being disconnected, either: I go long stretches of time without actually using it (I only have it for ease of contact at political events).

But I probably will still go to Cricket, assuming that Cricket will sell me a cell phone plan where I can just toss money into the damned thing whenever I need to use it for an event or something.  I don’t really like Verizon’s customer service paradigm, sorry.

Moe Lane

PS: Oh, yeah, I need new business cards now.  Dagnabbit.

7 thoughts on “I’m going to score this SPECIFIC @verizon experience as a wash…”

  1. Verizon’s customer service convinced me to take my business elsewhere. They’ll never see another dime of my money….assuming, of course, that there is eventually enough of an economic recovery for me to return to work as something other than a government owned slave and I earn some money. Otherwise, that’s a meaningless statement, since I have no money to deny them, at present 😀

    1. The problem is, though, that Cricket’s plans all suck and Verizon has actually a better deal now than the one I originally had. I’ll look at the AT&T Gophones, though.

      1. My experience with Gophone was good. I’d recommend them. I put a lot of time into figuring out what pre-paid worked for me (the wife liked T-mobile’s). We switched over to a smartphone regular plan with AT&T after. I’ve been happy with that too, as long as I don’t think too much about how much my monthly bill actually is now.

  2. Verizon is hit-or-miss, and increasingly miss. The drones in the franchise-stores are not helpful, the online-chat ones seem to deliberately misunderstand the question, but .. their coverage outside of metro areas is very good.

  3. In regards to business cards, if you don’t go through that many, I’d recommend Vista Prints. Not at all expensive and many times free shipping.

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