QotD, Expect To See This Sentiment A Lot edition.

Glenn Reynolds, while noting just how bad it’s getting out there under Bloomberg for New York City residents who don’t happen to be mega-rich, offers this invitation:

You’re welcome to move [to Tennessee], so long as you don’t start agitating for the same policies that drove you out.

I’m wondering if any state legislatures might decide to try to back up that sentiment with appropriate legislation.  Probably not; it’d be hideously inappropriate and probably unconstitutional.  But remember, Blue state transplants: your new Red state neighbors were smart enough to create the safe place that you’re currently fleeing to.  Learn some humility, Sparky.


  • acat says:

    I think Texas has the best approach… a virulent culture.
    Seriously, do you think – outside Austin – a Californian would’t be laughed off the ballot?
    I will note, by the way, that the Dems’ house built using the “Colorado Blueprint” (that Aaron G used to talk about) is not holding up terribly well.. but the Dems seem intent on using the same approach in North Carolina. Seems a lot of money to move the ball not very far… although I’m not sure southern culture will prove more resistant to stupid than Colorado’s…

    • jbird says:

      How much of Colorado’s issue is Cali transplants vs. the SoCon-libertarian sectarian strife?

      • acat says:

        I would defer to Night Twister, or Aaron G, if they show up.
        That said, the various large-scale moving companies (Atlas Van Lines, Allied Van Lines) do yearly reports of who’s moving where, so you could try to correlate it….
        I don’t think the problem is the number of californians .. I think it’s the organization. Take a look at 1850s Chicago… the problem wasn’t the poor immigrant factory workers, it was the anarchists who organized them.

      • Bartlett says:

        As a native and current resident, two things come to mind. First, too many Democrats acting moderate and too many Republicans acting like jerks (especially to each other). Second, an excellent job by the Denver media scaring the agnostic but libertarian-leaning suburban swing voters with the socially conservative boogey men in Colorado Springs.
        I expect this state of affairs to change rather significantly with the “gun control” idiocy jammed down people’s throats by the newly-elected Democrat majority. The magazine limits alone will create a deeply angry core of campaign workers and voters, many of whom mostly just wanted to be left alone. The “don’t worry your head about rape” condescension during the ill-fated carry-ban-on-campus debate messages will need to be played over and over again to younger voters, especially women. The Colorado Republicans can still lose if they persist in nominating twits and jerks (because candidates ALWAYS matter), but the playing field just tilted significantly away from the Democrats.

  • Spegen says:

    i guess we will see how well the Colo model worked after next years election. If the Dems keep winning after their gun grabbing, pro-rape legislation, then we know the answer.

  • earlgrey says:

    TN Republican party needs some work. It was really just very recently that TN gained control of the statehouse in Nashville after decades of Democrat rule. We are learning some interesting things about Republicans during this time. Entrenched republicans on local level are very resistant to new blood.

    Take nothing for granted.

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