Cuba now a haven for pedophilia sex trade.


Foreign tourists, especially Canadians and Spaniards, are travelling to Cuba in surprising numbers for sex — and not just with adult prostitutes. They are finding underage girls and boys, a joint investigation by The Toronto Star and El Nuevo Herald has found.

Havana’s conspicuous scenes of street-level prostitution are the outward face of a hidden prostitution trade in minors, some as young as four, some with families complicit in their exploitation, the newspapers found.

In fact, just about the only non-disgusting thing about this situation is the knowledge that the American government is at least not contributing to the problem, albeit inadvertently: it’s still not that easy to go to Cuba, and we’re deliberately still throttling the tourist trade.  Which means we’re at least partially hindering the tourist sex trade, and of course the tourist pedophilia sex trade.  Thank Heaven for small blessings.

Also: this is why racism is bad, people.  If our great-great-grandparents hadn’t been so hung up about melanin skin content then we would have annexed Cuba after the Spanish-American war and this post would have been about, I don’t know, a post about about the new call for oil exploration contracts made by the junior Senator from Guantánamo, or something.  I’d think that we’d all would have preferred that, yes?


Moe Lane

PS: You know, I didn’t want to make it about the f*cking Commies, but…

…[Cuban Commie strongman Fidel] Castro himself seemed to accept sex tourism in a 1992 speech.

Cuban women are not “forced to sell themselves to a man, to a foreigner, to a tourist. Those who do so do …without any need for it,” he declared. “We can say that they are highly educated hookers and quite healthy, because we are the country with the lowest numbers of AIDS cases…Therefore, there is truly no prostitution healthier than Cuba’s.”

…f*cking Commies.

6 thoughts on “Cuba now a haven for pedophilia sex trade.”

  1. Not the Commies’ fault. This is either Republican’s or Bush’s fault, depending on Obama’s current mood.
    We need a Wheel Of Blame and Wheel Of Foreign Policy program for our president.

    1. Did anyone check Senator Harry Reid’s official travel documents for any trips to Cuba?

  2. Senator Menedez just announced that he was leading a diplomatic delegation to Cuba just as fast as he can get his horny lobbyist friends (insert euphemism for horny lobbyist friends) all together.
    More seriously, I think that opening trade and travel to the island might bring more light to the situation. But then I guess it’d be driven underground instead of out in the open, with not much of a change in the number of kids exploited. Though I do think that opening trade and travel will help topple the commies.

  3. I’ve always been a little salty that Cuba isn’t a state. I feel like it should be and that we should rectify this problem somehow.

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