QotD, Unintentionally Favorable Nixon/Obama Comparison edition.

I know what Edward Luce was trying to say, here

No one would accuse President Barack Obama of being Nixonian.

…but the truth of it is that my immediate response would be: Sure.  Richard Nixon did things.  He regularized relations with the PRC, got us out of Vietnam, set up the Environmental Protection Agency, and put a man on the Moon*.  Hell, Nixon was a better Democrat than Barack Obama could ever hope to be.  Cruel of me to point this out, I know.

I guess that I should go read the rest of the article now; I suspect that it’s going to be a Lefty gripe-fest about how awfully partisan the President is being, now that it’s safe to do that and everything.  I don’t know whether to be annoyed at the lemming-like surge, or to chuckle at the effect that such surge will have on the True Believers…

[UPDATE]  Wow, that Ed Luce guy was even dumber than I thought that he was going to be.  Did he actually talk to any of Obama’s critics? I so totally expect Barack Obama “to use OFA as a crude “pay for play” in which donors win lucrative contracts.”  I’m not exactly unique in that cynical, yet likely accurate assessment, either.

Moe Lane

*What’s that?  That was largely the work of his predecessor?  Yeah, well, so was killing Osama bin Laden.

6 thoughts on “QotD, Unintentionally Favorable Nixon/Obama Comparison edition.”

  1. No one would accuse President Barack Obama of being Nixonian…

    …Nixon was competent.

  2. Why should Luce bother talking to any of us, Moe? That would require him to question his own view of us, to believe that .. just maybe .. we’re *not* the Morlocks he desperately needs us to be.

  3. Nixon was a very liberal president but he was an anti-communist liberal and, for that, he cannot be forgiven by the left.

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