Buy somebody a book. No, seriously.

I lied when I said I was making an early night of it: I have a request.  Go buy somebody a book.

No, seriously.  I just told a friend of mine privately Everybody should get a free book from time to time – and then I realized: that’s true.  So go buy a book for somebody. Just because.  For nice, as they say.

Moe Lane

PS: I will not be upset if you click the Amazon link and buy a book via there for somebody.  But that’s not required.

6 thoughts on “Buy somebody a book. No, seriously.”

  1. Got Rudyard Kiplings collection of poetry for Christmas so I’m good. Gift from my wife who remembered, and that’s better than good.

    1. Never been married, but from what I have seen at second hand, any other kind is the devil’s own torment…..

  2. I rather buy your book. You know, the one you haven’t written yet. It doesn’t even have to be political non-fiction. I bet you a million bucks you have this Lovecraftian Horror and/or High Fantasy story in your head, just haven’t written it out yet.

  3. Ahead of this curve. A friend had just finished running a time-travel campaign, so I gave him “Three Days to Never”.

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