Looks like there’s a runoff in the special election SC-01 GOP primary.

Sorry, but this is about the most interesting piece of political news that’s shown up today.ย  On the GOP side, Mark Sanford and (probably) Curtis Bostic will be competing in the runoff; on the Democratic side, Stephen Colbert’s sister… won.ย  And I wouldn’t want to be the Democratic flack who ends up getting assigned to the thankless job of trying to make the Democratic primary result look like anything except very, very lackluster*.

We’ll see how the runoff goes.ย  But nothing really unexpected happened tonight, to at least some people’s chagrin.

Moe Lane

*Mind you, the Republican flack who will probably soon have to come up with a good, compelling reason not to have people go and bounce spoons off of Mark Sanford’s forehead** doesn’t have that much better of a job.

**After voting him back into office, assuming Sanford wins the runoff.

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