…So, did somebody assassinate a Colorado prison official?

Somebody… foreign?

A senior official who made headlines last week for blocking the transfer of a convicted Saudi rapist was slain at his home last night.

Tom Clements, Executive Director of the Colorado Department of Corrections was shot and killed at his Monument home when he opened the door Tuesday night at approximately 8:30 p.m., according to police

Authorities are reporting the gunman is on the loose.

A K-9 unit sent to the crime scene has not been able to turn up anything, leading some to consider the possibility that the murder was a professional hit.

I’d say that it’s a pretty strong possibility, given that the article indicated that nothing was stolen and the rapist and slaveowner (one Homaidan al-Turki) in question reportedly has links to al-Qaeda and CERTAINLY has links to the Saudi government. It certainly sounds like a targeted killing; and our domestic criminal class usually know that it’s Not Real Smart to go after a cop or cop-affiliated official at home.  Right now I’m guessing every known crook in Colorado is having a really, really difficult day; police tend to simulate a disturbed hornet’s nest in these kinds of situations.

So (again) since the aforementioned crooks know this… it’s likely that the murder was by either by somebody who was ticked off about al-Turki, or it’s what we used to call ‘a crime of passion.’ If it’s the former, this is going to be the federal government’s problem real fast; I suggest that the White House start thinking about a response.  Just in case.

Moe Lane

PS: It could very easily ‘just’ be a crime of passion, of course. Shadowy foreign assassins are more an artifact of old Cold War spy fiction than anything that really exists in real life.

4 thoughts on “…So, did somebody assassinate a Colorado prison official?”

  1. The real question is, how large was the magazine of the murder weapon, and why did the firearm make the perpetrator commit this crime? Also, if it is related to the al-Turki case, can the murder be classified as workplace violence?

    1. Oh you know they probably found an ar15 with a 100 round mag loaded with .223 wmd rounds in it…

  2. This is also the time when the lines between the criminal class and the police tend to blur. If your someone with a criminal record you would give your eyeteeth right now to Know the perpetrators name and probable location. Just imagine what kind of slack the police would cut you if you could walk in and give them that info.

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