This nine year old girl is infinitely cooler than I am. (H/T @vermontaigne )

Seriously.  Because this is unlikely to happen to me. Ever.

The Daisy-saurus: Scientists name new flying dinosaur after five-year-old girl who found fossil on an Isle of Wight beach

…For the past five years, experts Darren Naish and Gareth Dyke have painstakingly studied the fossil, focusing on even the most smallest of details, before eventually publishing their findings this week.

They revealed the creature was roughly the size of a crow and was a previously unknown type of pterosaur.

The family has donated the remains to the Natural History Museum.

And when it came to naming the creature, the experts looked to its young finder for inspiration, officially dubbing it Vectidraco Daisymorrisae.

I’d be bitter, except that this is too neat.

Via @vermontaigne.

5 thoughts on “This nine year old girl is infinitely cooler than I am. (H/T @vermontaigne )”

  1. Moe, you need to get out and play in the dirt more often. I have a compilation of at least a dozen stones all different that I have at one time or another dug up in my yard. I live in an area that the Glaciers retreated over. The differences in the stones are fascinating. Try doing more digging! There’s some interesting stuff down there. Oh and we also signed away our oil rights last year for a hundred dollars and royalties, but then I wasn’t planning on going that far down, at least not any time soon.

    1. Yeah, but the odds of me finding a new kind of dinosaur are slim to none.

      Come on; half the fun for this kid is going to be all the good-natured envy coming her way. I’m trying to be nice, here. 🙂

      1. I have three tenths of an acre which is probably more than you have so there’s that, I have a chance of coming up with something. But I was just concerned you weren’t even trying to see what was around. We really don’t even bother to look anymore and that ticks me off to no end. People are starting to act like they know everything that there is to know, And that scares the crap out of me. There is still a lot to learn and maybe we’re going to be forced to rediscover that, the Hard way. Something is coming, not sure what, but it’s on the way and we all feel it! I see the realization everywhere, they often don’t see it themselves but I Do. I am getting really worried.

  2. If you’re interested in zoology or paleontology, Darren Naish has been writing about that stuff (including Daisy’s pterosaur) at the Tetrapod Zoology blog for years. There’s some fascinating (though sometimes rather technical) stuff there.

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